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Chatbox Rules

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Chatbox Rules Empty Chatbox Rules

Post by W2OE_Prodigy on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:51 pm


These rules are for guests and members

Text Color:
No members
should use the text color BLACK in the chatbox.

While we do have some younger members here, “colorful” language
will be tolerated if it’s not abused. If you are asked not to use a
word or phrase, please don’t. Different words are more or less
offensive in different regions, be respectful of your clanmates.

Racism / Sexism:
can’t make your point without it, it’s not a point worth

Sexually Explicit Content:
Sexually Explicit Content is defined as sexually suggestive, nude, or
nearly-nude images, links, or content that may be deemed
inappropriate by Moderators or Administrators. As we have members
under 18 in the clan this is unacceptable.

You are recommended to demonstrate a certain level of maturity when
using the chat-box.

Repetitive use of words, phrases, or smilies are not allowed. Over
use of smilies within the chat-box will be considered Spam.

Blackmailing means that you are threatening to do something to
someone negatively, if they don't do what you want. No threatening of
any kind will be tolerated.

Members will receive 3 warnings via private message
and a 4th time will result in a chat ban.

If any of the rules
have been broken in anyway, members and guest can be banned from 1
hour up to 4 hour without notification in extreme cases.

Text Color:
Some text colors are not
permitted to be used. Black being one of them. If a member asks you
to change a font color or style so it is readable, please do so.

Chatbox Rules 244rxj7
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